Profiles; free download

We offer free Profiles of DSM, Nucor, and Massey-Ferguson

  • DSM. The transition of this Netherlands-based company over the last century is nothing short of amazing. We examine DSM’s development and approach to innovation and come up with a list and description of the range of ‘enabling mechanisms’ which they have used to make these transitions possible. Access DSM Innovation Profile [April, 2012, 6 pages].
  • Nucor. Ken Iverson is given credit for getting Nucor off  the ground. He had a distinct management philosophy, dramatically different for the steel industry at the time, which established management practices that proved hugely successful. The focus of this Profile is on Iversons’ leadership and practices. Nucor is now the largest steel company in the U.S. Download the Nucor Profile. [October, 2009, 24 pages].
  • Massey-Ferguson Ltd., once Canada’s largest industrial enterprise with a global business and 68,000 employees, is now only a brand name owned by an American company, AGCO. M-F was a successful company. We often can learn more from mistakes than from our successes! What role did innovation, or the lack of innovativeness, play in the company’s demise? Three ex-employees of the company provide their insight into this failure. Download the Profile of MF.
  • We also researched Apple’s innovative capacity and compared RIM (while under Lazaridis and Balsillie) with Apple (under Jobs). The contrast in management practices was instructive. Download Apple versus RIM.