Ideas for improving innovation management

Get  the best ideas for improving innovation management. What is innovation management? 

Real companies. Real practices. Example; 3M (pptx) , P&G, GE, Deere & Co. and Starbucks. Understand how these companies have sustained innovation over decades. CIO identifies policies and management practices which contribute to innovation in large and medium-sized (i.e. SMEs), idea-intensive, highly-respected companies. Real companies. Real practices. Best practices.[Companies researched]

Insight into innovation at companies such as; Google (pptx)HP (pre split), DSM,  and Koch Industries.

Research provides a framework for addressing innovation management issues by setting out best practices.

There is a special section for those interested in smaller organizations, i.e. SMEs. See the list of companies researched on the home page.

What one can learn from this research?

  1. There is a consistency, a pattern, which emerges from CIO’s examination of the policies and management practices of these companies. Innovation is sustained through applying not one, but the right combination of management practices. 
  2. Not all companies embrace the idea of being innovative but if an organization wishes, or needs to be innovative to survive and grow, it is absolutely essential that leadership – the Board, CEO, and senior management – lead the effort.
  3. Innovation involves risk. Improved information and better measures are needed at senior levels to portray innovation so that the risk level is clear. 
  4. There is a set of tools which can provide help to those organizations wishing to be innovative. 
  5. Stock price performance does not correlate with innovation but longevity does.

CIO’s research is open to all who wish to click on the subject of their choice. For several research reports CIO charges a fee. Comments are always welcome.