Tinkering makes a difference. 4 countries: U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Russia.

A good example of university/industry linkage. Collaboration is key! Strathclyde University.

G&M. B. McKenna. Heartening news from Canada’s (Ontario’s) advanced manufacturing sector.

Mark Wiseman. Globe and Mail article ‘Our productivity weakness is a malignancy’. March 27, 2023. Great insight!

Japanese Management Culture and corporate innovation. (pptx) Slow change?

The Evolving Mindset of the Chinese Manager (ppt). Morris Shapero of Eckerd College. Insights into innovation management practices in China. They are really different!

Argentina arriving.
A paper on the state of innovation
. An older analysis. Gone wrong again!

Russia’s Silcon-like Valley. Best way is not top down.

Museum of Failure.  A global view. Learn from failures.

India’s manufacturing sector has a long way to go. Need to open up and encourage innovative thinking!

South Korea.
Samsung Electronics. Seeking culturally-sensitive best practices.