Ideas by Factor#

A custom report is no longer available so you must use your judgement as to which of the Factors are most relevant to your situation. Once you have ascertained that your gap between Your ‘Ideal’ and Your ‘Reality’ is significant, you can ‘click’ on the Factor to the right and access ideas – thought starters – leading to taking corrective action. Most often, however, entrepreneurship or lack of innovation, is due to several Factors combining to produce either a good or bad result! Look for the combination of Factors!

The 25 Factors were identified as a result of researching the policies and management practices of well recognized innovative companies such as 3M, Apple and 26 others in the U.S.A., Europe, Canada and Japan. CIO extended this research by examining a number of other organizations such as John Deere, Starbucks and DSM. The central issue addressed by the research was how these companies sustained innovation over time. What are the policies and management practices common to these organizations?

For a description of each Factor and access to ideas which relate to each Factor, click on the relevant Factor. If you have other ideas on how to improve innovation performance, send us a note through the Blog. We are always open to adding ideas and we will attribute the idea to you.

If you want Steve Johnson’s view on where innovative ideas come from why not access his youtube presentation; This is a very good perspective on the importance of connectivity and its fun to watch.