3M - MMM - $10:00 - nominated for best innovation management practices

A detailed examination of 3M’s policies and practices since its inception up to September 2019 on the transfer of the CEO/Chairman roles from Thulin to Mike Roman. 3M is CIO’s choice of the company with the best set of innovation management practices of all the companies CIO has researched.
An IM report. 41 pages.



Deere & Company - DE - $8:00 - solid management of innovation

Deere dominates the agricultural equipment industry. This report traces innovation management from inception (1837) under John/Charles Deere to the term of Robert W. Lane and on to when Samuel R. Allan assumes leadership. Consistent R&D spending differentiates this company from Massey-Ferguson. Lane and Allan reinforced Deere’s commitment to innovation by strengthening its approach to both people and financial management.
An IM report. 31 pages.



Starbucks - SBUX - $7:00 - controlled innovation at its best

Starbucks, founded in 1971, once emphasized R&D spending as one of their keys for success. This report focusses on the period from inception to the second time Schultz stepped down as CEO in 2017. CIO outlines the innovation management policies and practices in use since 2008.
An IM report. 32 pages.




General Electric - GE - $5:00 - back to its root culture

GE, once the darling of U.S. technology and the stock market, has come on hard times. GE was chosen by CIO during better times; 2009. Founded in 1889, GE has been the breeding ground for senior management because of its ingrained management practices and policies. This report examines its innovation management practices from inception to 2017.
An IM report. 45 pages.


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Procter & Gamble - PG - $6:00

CIO completed its first report on innovation management in the late 2008 at the time A.G. Lafley was CEO and Chairman. For the first time in its long history, P&G’s practices were laid bare in a book co-authored with Ram Charan. This report focusses on its innovation management practices since inception in 1837 through to 2017.
An IM report. 51 pages.


Companies researched by CIO

Each IM  (innovation management) report sets out the management policies and practices which made these companies so innovative and respected. The report covers the most influential period from their inception to close to 2017.

The format of the research and reports encourages the reader to apply findings to their own organization.

Some companies have struggled recently – GE for example – but their approach to innovation management remains the same since the culture of innovation is intact.

Choosing companies to research.



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