Papers based on a decade of data supplied by respondents

Our on-line data base is now unavailable but we continue to analyze the information provided by respondents and make the results available to researchers. In all cases, and in recognition of our privacy policy, there is no attribution to individual registrants.

Papers by Factor

  • Factor #1the question about management’s views on short-term versus long-term profits. You might be surprised by the results. Data analyzed F1. Management gets credit but not in all cases!
  • Factor #2 – wherein the issue is whether management explicitly looks for innovation or not. Data analyzed F2.
  • Factors #7 and #14, which deal with the subject of rewards and recognition are interpreted. Survey data analyzed F7 and 14. Innovators need encouragement but what type of incentives should be used.
  • Factors, broken out by; financial management, collaboration, risk, organization, and rewards are explored through analyzing registrants’ views overall and how these do or do not differ from segmented results for CEOs. Data results under five themes.


  • Canadian registrants are more risk averse than their U.S. counterparts. A comparison of Canada versus U.S. registrants opinions on risk and other related Factors.  Canada versus U.S. data results.
  • Attitudes to innovation management practices; male versus female. Which practices are most important?
  • Not-for-profits’ and the importance of effective innovation management practices. NFPs and innovation management.

New Series; Thinking about each Factor separately or together

F#1; Thinking about achieving short versus long term profits.

F#7 and F#14; Thinking about rewards and recognition for innovation.

F#11 and F#18; Thinking about delegation and decentralization.

F#4 and F#23; Thinking about searching for ideas.

F#3, F#5, F#8 and F#9; Thinking about the ‘tolerances’.

All F#s; overall results and interpretation.