Worksheets to help DIY (Do it yourselfers)

Worksheets are provided so that readers may describe their corporation’s culture using 25 Factors. Here you will find the following worksheets;

  • new IT initiatives? Better understand your corporation’s climate and acceptance of new IT initiatives. Test for tolerance, communications/collaboration, fiscal responsibility, delegation and decentralization, rewards and recognition, and reputation. IT change management worksheet for top management.
  • get an idea of structures which enable innovation. Worksheet framework by W&P, example is from a Netherlands-based company, DSM, which has managed many transitions over its history. Structures which enable innovation.
  • our ‘Essential Components for Innovation Management’ is set out as a checklist. Framework checklist. Use to see how your company is performing.
  • find your starting point by describing your corporation’s culture in three themes; 1. leadership, 2. idea generation and realization, and 3. organization and management of day-to-day affairs. Find your starting point,
  • a decision tree to illustrate the many factors which contribute to innovation. Enter the maize!
  • compare your corporate condition with an ‘Ideal’ profile as constructed by W&P  and a second benchmark – the BofB (Best of Breed) – based on our research of highly-innovative companies. Download  Worksheet for your ‘Ideal’.
  • Four themes which encourage innovation [1. motivation, 2. communication, 3. tolerance, 4. sound enterprise economics]; all themes Download. More on Download motivation. More on Download communication. More on Download tolerance. More on Download sound enterprise economics. Make a ‘T-shirt’.
  • A picture of the relationship of various contributors to innovation is presented. The picture portrays the fact that there is not one policy or management practice which, by itself, can be expected to improve innovation. The Maize.