Worksheets to help DIY (Do it yourselfers)


  • new IT initiatives? Better understand your corporation’s climate and acceptance of new IT initiatives. Test for tolerance, communications/collaboration, fiscal responsibility, delegation and decentralization, rewards and recognition, and reputation. IT change management worksheet for top management.
  • get an idea about structures which enable innovation. An example, Structures which enable innovation, is from a Netherlands-based company, DSM, which has managed many transitions over its history.
  • CIO’s ‘Essential Components for Innovation Management’ is set out as a checklist. Framework checklist. Use to see how your company is performing.
  • Check out ‘enabling mechanisms’ for ideas that work!
  • find your starting point by describing your corporation’s culture in three themes; 1. leadership, 2. idea generation and realization, and 3. organization and management of day-to-day affairs. Find your starting point,
  • a decision tree to illustrate the many factors which contribute to innovation. Enter the maize!
  • compare your corporate condition with an ‘Ideal’ profile as constructed by CIO and a second benchmark – the BofB (Best of Breed) – based on our research of highly-innovative companies. Download  Worksheet for your ‘Ideal’.
  • Four themes which encourage innovation [1. motivation, 2. communication, 3. tolerance, 4. sound enterprise economics]; all themes Download. More on Download motivation. More on Download communication. More on Download tolerance. More on Download sound enterprise economics. Make a ‘T-shirt’.