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April 20, 2017

  • Japan thirty years on; a comparison of management practices in the mid 1980 to now. What has changed, if anything. Japan thirty years on. (pptx).
  • Uber and its ‘core values’; time to update?
  • Delegation of authority and responsibility is a key to best practices and a high WEF rating. Delegation.
  • NAFTA negotiations need to recognize and deal with the impact of innovation. NAFTA and innovation.
  • McKinsey published a paper which, we think, downplays the need for ‘a supportive culture’ for innovation and success. Check out our report by going to the home page and clicking on the report.
  • Questions for the on-line lab have been translated into Russian; using the lab still involves English.
  • Research from our on-line data base suggests that Canadians are more risk averse than Americans.
  • Policies and management practices in India’s manufacturing sector have some distance to go!
  • Based on CIO’s research 3M is our outstanding choice, from those companies researched in depth, for the company with the best set of innovation management practices. Much can be learned!
  • A review of six engineering consulting firms; SNC Lavalin Group, WSP Global Inc., Stantec Inc., of Canada and Jacobs Engineering Group, AECOM of the U.S. and AMEC Foster Wheeler of the U.K., suggest that Stantec and Jacobs have the best prospects.
  • Research and development investment deserves much more attention than just measuring its percentage against revenue.
  • As sales continue to decline, some are questioning IBM’s future. One of our partners, Peter Farwell, provides some answers and suggests a future direction.
  • manifesto on innovation management?
  • Fifteen questions you should ask about innovation management practices – your innovation ecosystem – in your own organization.
  • Google manages its innovation. Check out its approach which includes ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ practices.
  • Koch Industries Ltd. policies and management practices offer insight into innovation at this privately-held company.

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