Score interpretation

Download Innovation Best Practices a chart for a quick view of how results from the on-line survey can be categorized into three ‘input’ themes. For more information on the methodology please download Scoring methodology explained.

As ‘inputs’ – think of these ‘inputs’ as making investments, taking the time and effort into creating a climate where innovation can flourish.

  • providing leadership,
  • effectively organizing and managing day-to-day affairs, and
  • spurring idea generation and realization.

As outcomes – note what is happening in your organization; i.e. the ‘Reality’ of your situation.

  • There is a tradition of innovation (F#22) or not.
  • Innovation is increasing (F#24) or decreasing.
  • Innovators stay with the organization (F#21) or not.

How does your organization fare?

A set of 25 questions – called Factors – provides you with a report on your organization’s innovation management practices. Get your ‘Score’ by entering your opinion on your organization’s policies and management practices which encourage, or discourage, entrepreneurship and innovation.