Build innovation into strategy

CIO provides a novel methodology for strategic planning which incorporates innovation management best practices. Download  CIO’s approach (PPTX). Please contact us for an initial discussion. 

Based on researching over 40 highly-innovative companies, and examining their policies and management practices which sustain innovation, CIO offers an assessment of the results of your current approach to innovation management. How do your policies and practices compare with the best?

Check out CIO’s thought starters for the strategic management of technology. Inspired by ADL, updated by CIO. Download ‘Enabling Mechanisms‘.(pptx).

Having researched the policies and management practices of highly-innovative, idea-intensive companies CIO is able to apply this information to your own organization. A guideline to those policies and management practices which can be articulated in your profile, please examine our Framework for managing innovation (pptx). The framework sets out the ‘must haves’ to sustain innovation. How does your organization compare?

As a consultant or in-house adviser, you may wish to make use of the on-line survey for your client or organization. CIO can provide this facility. Your client can complete the survey and CIO will provide you with raw data – subject to privacy terms and conditions which are agreed in advance, or if you wish, CIO can provide an initial interpretation of results. Completely confidential.

CIO has just prepared a special report on innovation in small and medium sized enterprises which sets out – for all respondents – their ‘Ideal’ and ‘Reality’ and also compares their view with previously-profiled highly-innovative companies. Download SME Innovative Characteristics.

Should you be interested in a very comprehensive approach to idea management, you will want to check out ‘easycrit’, a recent release of new system software (developed in Girona, Spain) which has gained traction in Europe (ROCHE, Danone and Zurich are examples of users). ‘CRIT’ stands for Create. Reinvent, Innovate, and Transform. 100% cloud based, the software is built using Windows Azure (Microsoft) and is, because of its flexibility, especially suitable for SMEs. You can customize to meet your own needs. For more information, go to or, if you are in Canada or the U.S., contact us at for a preliminary discussion.